Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good day...and a funny

What a good day!  I was a little worried when E woke shruggin the shoulder and giving the death  But N woke up, we had a little breakfast and all was right in the world again.
E has just really softened in the last day or so... he's become a bit of a snuggle bug.  LOVE IT.  And he's such a little hummer.  He hums stuff all the time. It's so cute!
Mom, E and I took a little field trip to Trader Joes today (it's like 35 mins away), he was great the whole time and so cute.  We had like 5 people ask id he was adopted and then bless us.  It was a bit weird because when we are out with N people just stare... not really sure what it was all about.
oh well, it was a Better than Good Day!

We were at the pet store picking up dog stuff and we stopped to look at fish tanks.  We are thinking of getting a fish tank for the boys... just gold fish.
As we are looking at the tanks, they have little princess decorations on some of the tanks.
N says: Mom?!
Me: Yes N?
N says: When we go pick up a little girl can we get her this fish tank?
Dad and I burst out lauging....
Me: I don't think we will be picking up any girls any time soon. ;o)
N: (disappointment) ahhhhhh


Tim said...

The shoulder is fun, I like to give the shoulder back, it either results in laughter or extreme rage.

Our Family said...

I'm with N - would LOVE to see you bring home that little girl! Maybe we will being doing this at the same time again in the future?!

Andrea said...

Glad your E snuggles now. Hah, a little girl looks good to me. We see what happens in another year!