Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I think we are settling in now.  Not necessarily to a routine but getting used to each other some.
We have been home...actually in the house now for 5 days.  

D had to go out of town yesterday for the week and at first I was really upset.  The round the clock meds and 3 kids to deal with on my own wasn't something I was ready to do on my own. Well as it turns out if I had been taking my own medication then I would probably have felt better much sooner...lol  DUH!

I was beginning to think I was having some post adoption depression, and as it turns out it was just post adoption duh!  If I don't take care of myself, then I can't take care of others.  
So on top of medication, I make sure that when I can, I do, sleep.  E sleeps, I sleep.  ;o)  I am not stressing a messy house.  I try to keep things "clean" as in not dirty, but not very straight.  
E is having less melt down, and more love bug.  YAY!

He's so funny he does this thing where he pulls my neck so that our faces touch and he does this little hum thing.  So sweet... and some times he says...mommy while he's humming.  I love it.
N has really had a rough week.  With Daddy gone and E at home he's no longer got me for full attention, and he developed an addiction to the TV while he was in his sister's care.  So we are trying to end the addiction and add a brother.  Withdrawls are a BEAR!!!   His listening ears have been lost some where in Wiggle land I think.  Little man needs prayer and momma needs prayer to help him through this.  

I think once we are able to get into a real routine, meaning no meds, not worrying about hurting E then we can start allowing them to play more naturally, as well as interact more easily.  

We have one more week of the IV we think so YAY, then we will also have more sleep. ;o)


Tarah said...

One more week. It seems a long way away right now, but not so huge in the big stuff. right???
Praying for you all.

Kathy said...

So happy that you're all home. One week is very doable after everything else!! It's a drop in the bucket!

Matthew and Amanda said...

So glad things are moving in the right direction. I'm sure E will be as happy as you to be done with the IV.


PS - How precious is the humming story?!?!

Our Family said...

you are doing an amazing job! you are an awesome mama my friend!
love you!