Saturday, September 13, 2008


Nothing like a new day and praising the Lord to bring new life.

My honey came home yesterday and immediately took over... THANK YOU God for my husband! But then we got ourselves together and went to the Music Builds concert.  There was Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph Family Band, Switchfoot and Third Day... my favorite.  

We had SO much fun. And being surrounded by a couple thousand people and my closest friends, praising God, lifting hands and signing so loud I can't speak... it's GOOD stuff.

This week when I was in one of my darkest moments, I was laying in bed with my Ipod listening to a song from Third Day's newest cd called Call My Name.  As I listened I just called out to Jesus (well silently because everyone else was asleep ;o))  But I felt so much release and peace afterwards, and to be able to actually cry out last night in the concert was a blessing.

Then as you can tell from my previous post we got to meet them.  I am such a dork I had so much to say but so little time so I just said "Thank you".  Thank you for listening to God, for hearing His word and sharing through your music so that when we are in our dark days you can help us cry out to Jesus in ways that we may not be able to on our own.

We have had a really great day today.  Again my hubby let me sleep in, and I feel SO much better.  Then we went outside to play and pick up sticks and stuff from the "hurricane" Hanna, and mow and swing on the swing set.  

God has been faithful to hear my cry for help.  Thank you LORD!

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