Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're hooooooommme

Well, we were sprung on Thursday.

Phew, I forgot what it's like to adjust to a new little person. ;o)

This little guy has definate tastes and ideas and if you don't comply... uh Friday was a tough day, tantrums and shoulder shrugs. ;o)

This morning was SO much fun though.  The boys were running around the house acting like they were going to scare each other.  E is still strengthening his legs so he's not quite as fast. But they were giggling and running and having so much fun!  

At one point I was laying on the floor on my back he was sitting on my tummy, and he would act like he was dancing then lean over and give me kisses.  It was so fun!
Then a bit later I walked into another room, he came looking for me and launched himself at me with laughter and kisses.

THIS is why we have children!!!!

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Andrea said...

This was so special to read. I am soooo glad you are a family now. I too admire you for somewhat starting almost all over again. I am right behind you when my kids come home. I know what you mean about the laughter and giggles and crazyness. That is so sad when you don't have that anymore. I hope by the time all my children leave the house I will have lots of grandchildren so the laughter never leaves my house.