Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We are free!!!

We went to the Dr again today and we are now free of the IV!!!  YAY!!!  Sleep here I come!
I know Little E is so much happier without it, I can't imagine having to deal with that every day. We are down to 2 meds twice a week so there is a ton of good stuff that came from today's visit.

I think E was happy to have it gone because he followed me around the rest of the day.  This is a new thing for him. ;o)  We are taking tiny little baby steps but I think we are beginning to go in the right direction.

Oh my goodness!!!  SO MAD!  We have AT&T for our cell phone carrier... they stink!!!  We have texting and counted on having it while we were in ET since we knew we would need to contact the kids.  The plan was to text them when we were near a phone and have them call us.  This would a .50 charge as opposed to calling at 3.49 per minute.... or any part of  minute.  We were assured that texting was available.  SO guess what it wasn't and their tech team had no clue what to do, nor did they ever call us...they kept texting us and saying to text them back.  DUH!!! So we got our bill, it's NUTS!  I called and said I wanted the 1 - 2 minute calls to be pro-rated to the texting charge since they couldn't figure out how to make it work. I was told they would. WELL, today  get an email saying they won't do it. We are responsible for the whole thing.  I am not asking them to take the whole bill, I did have to make other calls on it, I wanted the ones that clearly could have been .50 texts.  SO mad, and the arrogant supervisor that I waited 30 minutes to talk to was no help.  SO MAD!  As soon as it's not going to cost me an arm and a leg, we are dropping them.  Their coverage stinks anyway.

lol...hhhmmm perhaps it's a good thing I started a new bible study tonight.  From the looks of the rant above, I may need it. ;o)  


Our Family said...

yay! I was JUST going to email you and ask if you got the tube out today!
And - sorry about the "stinky" cell phone people.
Love ya!

Mama Papaya said...

So happy that things are looking up. Thinking of your little guy.

Carrie (out west)

PS The texts to the US were blocked while we were in ET. Grr. That will be a fun phone bill.

Matthew and Amanda said...

Yeah! So glad to hear little E is getting better and better! And, yep, I loathe cell phone companies. Seriously they couldn't be any worse.


Mugsey said...

Sounds like a walk in the sunshine kind of day. So glad to hear that E is done with the IV and able to have a little more freedom to just be a kid. Sorry about the cell phone thing. I avoided getting a phone for that very reason. Family and friends kept trying to convince me that I needed one for emergencies (and yes I've had those stuck in a ditch with two babies and a 4 year old in the middle of winter with no cell). But I kept thinking wow there costly and I have enough to keep track of wallet, keys and three kids. Heck I lose my keys somewhere in the house every other day. I finally broke down and bought a mobile track phone. Guess what I had it one week and lost it for three months. All that said people survived many years without them and some still do but, the peace of mind for my family has been worth the cost. On a side note my husband has had a work one for years and the day our oldest was born I was thankful for his cell. Or he would have missed the birth. I hope you find a better plan that works for you and that it can be a blessing for your family as well.