Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The complexities of a toddler

Our little E has been through so much ...even before we met him...things we will never know about.  And still he tries to be in a good mood.

We have joked several times in the past couple of weeks that he's very much like a light bulb, he's on and off so fast sometimes that we aren't sure what happens to change his mood.  The more we get to know him though the easier it is to see how his little brain seems to be working.  He's a SMART little guy.  There isn't much that get's past him, and if you try to pull one over on him, you will almost always get caught.  He's got one of the most beautiful smiles.  And he's a little ham.  SO cute!  He LOVES 101 Dalmations, we have watched it 101 times I think while in the hospital... it's the cartoon version, and am convinced that he's going to begin speaking English using a British accent and calling everyone an idiot.  (if you have every watched the original you will know what I am talking about ;o))

This is also a kid that has had to live through some pretty awful stuff so he's got a stubborn streak and attitude when crossed.  He's got this face that he makes when he's really mad that makes me giggle, so it really helps me to keep myself from getting caught up.  I am not sure how it helps him when he's yelling intently at me and I am laughing.

I think alot about what he will be like when we are home and he is able to just be himself and be a kid and play and argue with his siblings.  

Maybe tomorrow?


Leslie said...

Oh, do I ever know the challenges of not laughing when G is so mad about something! I am also longing with you to hear what he is like when he is just being a kid with his siblings--praying it is soon!

Kathy said...

Praying that it will be tomorrow that he gets to go home!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Looking forward to pics of little E and N playing together, at home.