Saturday, September 27, 2008


So I have a jump a tiny but off adoption topic, although not so far I guess.  

But I have to say that I LOVE the internet.  I don't think I am really obsessed or anything, but it has changed my life in SO many ways.  The biggest way I think is in the friends I have made and those friendships changing my life.

I have a friend that I met on a forum for adoption through the first agency we used for bringing N home.  At first it was just forum talk, but we began to email and we found out that we had almost parallel lives, I know it sounds VERY weird, and first I wasn't sure what to make of it.  But what we have found through probably a thousand emails and several phone calls is that God placed us in each other's lives so that we would have someone to talk to about adoption, or children, those hard times, and our faith in Him.  Many a time we have lifted each other in prayer, cried for each other and laughed with each other.  We have a kinship in our faith in the Lord and in the place that our children were born.  We have never met in person, but we know that someday we will, and it will be like old friends reuniting.  

Without the internet we would never have met.

While we were researching our second adoption I was an avid reader of a very special person's blog.  And through reading this blog, and subsequently emailing, and speaking to her on the phone, we found our 4th child.  We have again spent countless hours emailing each other, and bless her heart she has answered every one.  While we were in ET she even answered the phone at an ungodly hour here in the US (I miscounted the time..sorry!!!) to answer this panicked mom's cry for help.  And has spent countless other hours since we have been home keeping up and just being an amazing sounding board.  I can't even begin to tell you what her support, faith and help have done for me.  

I read so many blogs, many of you read mine.  I feel like I have this family out there whom I have never met but have changed my life in ways many of you may never know.  The prayers the comments, the emails, the calls....they are felt, and VERY much appreciated.  

In a time when the internet can be such an ugly and scary, I have found some good.  Better than good! ;o)

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Our Family said...

My dear friend,
you are an amazing blessing in my life. And without the internet, I would not have met you! It was good to talk in person today. We need to remember that as easy as it is to connect through the internet, that sometimes, a good old-fashioned phone call is really something special too! Funny how when I call, your first instinct is to ask if everything is ok! You made me smile today - thank you. We will meet in person, I know it.
Isnt it amazing how God brought us together. I cant even remember exactly HOW our friendship started - can you?!
Anyway, love you so SO VERY MUCH!