Sunday, September 28, 2008


In the post "no tubes" we weren't sure if E would take his meds by mouth.

Well, yesterday was a med day so we prepared his medications, brought him into the kitchen got out our back up tube 'just in case' and got to see what he would do.

At first he wanted to fight it.  But eventually he got most of the first one down.
Then was the next one, one that he didn't like in ET.  He really fought that one, so we acted like we were done trying, and prepared to "insert" the tube.  He decided that we meant business and down went his yucky stuff!!!

YAY!!!  We were able to call the home health nurse and tell her she wouldn't need to come by, that we had been victorious, but would call her again on Wednesday if need be. ;o)

He is one smart little cookie.  

So far there isn't anything he LIKES well enough to get him to take meds, but we have found something he DISLIKES enough to get him to take them.  

We still have a road ahead of us.  He has to go back on his daily medication, and while they figure out what it is they are going to put him on, we have a surgical appointment scheduled for October.  They are still not sure if we can trust that this tactic will work daily. 

Pray that we are able to come up with a solution that doesn't require surgery. But if it comes to that, that we find peace with it.

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