Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look mom no tubes

We were able to take out the ng tube today.  We may have to learn to reinsert it ourselves, however when we attempted to give him a tiny bit of benadryl to see how he would do, we showed him the tube and he took the meds immediately.
SO.... say a little prayer that this keeps up!  Because next step is surgery.  ;o(

Here are some cute pics from today of both boys.  Can you tell my N is a ham?  SO cute!


Tarah said...

The boys look fabulous. What a gift to get to see those smiles each day!
Isn't God good?!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Oh, Andrea E looks SOOOO great! Whatever you're doing is working. He looks the best I have ever seen him. And N, umm seriously - he's gonna get into trouble with looks that good! Watch out ladies!


Andrea said...

Wow, your little E is getting more handsome every day