Saturday, August 30, 2008


ok, here is a fair warning, do not ever go to Joe's Crab Shack on your birthday!  Well, you can go, but don't tell them that you are there for a celebration. ;o)
They do more than just try to embarrass you by singing obnoxiously over you, ...oh no, there's no hiding in your napkin and enduring the torture.
They actually get you up OUT of your seat, and make you write your name with your hips while they sing Happy Birthday.  
I kid you not!!!
I am not an overly shy person, so I didn't have too much of an issue, but can I just tell you that if you are ever at Joe's and it's someone else's birthday, you could at least clap and smile sympathetically... not stare as if this person is a complete moron. ;o)


Mugsey said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Little E looks like a great sport. I am continuing to keep you all in my prayers. Well if I was there for your birthday I would of clapped and sang. I love it when people are a great sport. Happy Birthday. Hope the food made up for the embarassment. Hugs Michelle

Andrea said...

E looks so wonderful already. You can really see the difference since he has been home. I am so glad he can now get the proper care and bless your heart for keeping him not matter what. Is it your birthday? What day? Happy Birthday! My daughter's birthday was the 29th.

Andrea said...

My B-day was the 30th. ;o) And I know where I won't be spending it next