Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Gosh what a day!

What a feeling.

I could not.. still can't... get over what a feeling this inauguration has begun in me.
Did you watch it? Even if you didn't vote for him? I will admit to not being sure he was the right choice... not because I didn't like him, but because our country is in such a state right now it seemed maybe someone with more exerience may handle it better. But I can see that perhaps his fresh approach, his enthusiasm, his ideas, the new ones will be the thing that sets us aright?
I was in awe watching pictures of the Washington DC mall on TV. I have been on that mall, it's pretty stinkin big! And it was packed... and those flags waving. What a sight!!!

The feeling that seemed to permeate the whole place, the news reporters even seemed to have a sense of excitement... real personal, not the 'reporter' excitement. ya know?

I don't remember caring much about hearing the inauguration speeches in the past, or even caring really about the ceremony. But there was this sense of anticipation that I could not get over. I just sat on my couch yesterday glued to the actions thinking I was watching history in the making.

I sure pray this is what we needed to move in to a place of security, of peace, of working together for the greater good.

E sat with me on the sofa during the speech, and while I am sure he didn't really understand it, he sure understood the excitement. He just sat and smiled. lol, N could have cared He just wanted to eat his lunch. Maybe someday he will understand the importance. ;o)

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