Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet moments

Today was a good day.
My boys were playing nicely almost all day. ;o)  Those of you with multiple children know what a wonderful thing this is. ;o)
At one point the boys were in their play room and I was in another room, but sitting so I could watch them. As I watched I was in awe of their interactions.
E is still learning English, and as was mentioning earlier, he usually says 1 or 2 words and then we complete the thought for him. He and N were playing this way.  E would say a word and N would complete the sentence.  Like E would say "Truck" and N would say "The truck is a monster?" and E would say "yeah".  N is such a good brother when he's not  As I believe can be said for most older brothers. ;o)
I sat for a good half an hour folding laundry and other chores in view of them and just marveled at their imaginations, and how they shared them with each other.  Like they had been together for 4 years instead of 4 months.  

Later this evening I was in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner when E randomly walked into the kitchen and said "Mommy? Uv you!" (love you)  I said "I love you too E" He then said "tank you".  I then scooped him up and squeezed him tight and said "No, thank YOU". 

Just before walking in here to post, S was on the phone with someone sitting on the floor in the dining room...I made a comment, she laughed and as I was walking away I heard her say "My mom's funny, I love her". 

These are the moments that make mommy-hood one of my favorite things in life.  My life that is Better than Good! Thank you God!


Marissa said...

What a sweet boy. Aren't those words from your kids the best thing in the world?

LisaShaw said...

Those moments of hearing "I love you" are so special. I have cherished many of them and continue to do so. I pray that you do as well.

You're a blessed wife and mother and I know you know that. Praise the Lord.