Saturday, January 17, 2009


Goodness it's cold here!

I know many of you that read this are going to call me a whimp because you live in places that are this cold all the time.  But it's in the teens here at the beach.  We just don't get this type of cold weather here.

The boys did well yesterday in school.  N had fun and was great, such a wonderful helper.  E on the other hand is still learning about group activities and how to work as a team. ;o)  It was the first day so we are looking forward to growth in them both!


Aaron said...

-8 here. wimp. HA!!!

MLB said...

That's pretty cold. I'd defintely be whinin/

Nancy said...

It is so cold here too we can't get out of the house. Well we can but we choose not to. I had to start going through my spring and summer photos to cope. Soon spring will be knocking at our doors.

Andrea said...

Hm, even though I am from Germany I cannot stand the cold weather so that is why is live in the beautiful State of Washington. I rather take the rain all day than the cold weather.