Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jesus Tuh-day?

So N LOVES to sing songs about Jesus Christ... he makes them up.  Some he has heard before and others he makes up in his sweet little head.  His favorite time to sing them is in the van when we are all together.
Yesterday we were in the van and he was singing one of his creations when E says "Jesus?"  to which we said, yes he's singing about Jesus.  "Jesus loves you!"  
He smiled and then he says "Jesus?! Tuh-day?" 
Translated are we seeing Jesus today? 
We kind of laughed, because while we would LOVE to see our Lord, we aren't ready to see Jesus today. :o)  Too many things to do here, yet.
So again today he asks "Jesus, Tuh-day?"  So we told him we were going to Jesus' house, church. 
He was very confused.... he wasn't buying that church was Jesus' house.  
Guess we have some work to do.