Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have been made aware of a sweet little girl in China that needs a home.
Her information is here.
If you are interested please contact Erin, whose info is on her site.
If you aren't in a position to adopt will you please pray for her and her new family, whomever they may be? God has a plan for this precious child!  I look forward to seeing her in a home very soon!!!
I tell you I would scoop her up in a


Cindy said...

I just read this on Erin's blog. I would "scoop" her up too, if it werent for the fact that we are still finalizing our current adoption, and we are completely tapped out of finanical resources for the time! I will be praying for this sweet girl to find her family soon!!!!

LisaShaw said...

Dear Father, we pray in Jesus Name for a loving family for Hope. We pray for comfort and love for Hope while she waits. We know that the children are very special to you Father so we trust that whomever you have to love her upclose will step forward and receive the blessing you have for them in Hope. May her life be everything you intend for it to be and we thank You in Jesus Name. Amen.