Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little more about living with E ;o)

I wanted to clarify a little something about our little man.

Adopting E in the shape he was in, was the exception not the rule.

Most of the kids that are available for adoption that have HIV are relatively healthy, come home already taking meds and are doing great, or don't even need them yet and do great as well.
When we first accepted E's referral he was 'healthy'. We sent our paper work in, it was received on Friday and on Monday we received the news that he was in the hospital in very serious condition. I feel like we accepted him at just the right time, so that he would know that he had a family waiting for him. To give him hope and something to fight for. There were a a couple of other precious children that went to the hospital with him, that didn't live to see a new family here on earth. E is a miracle in many ways. Our Ped told us not to expect him to live... and now look at him!!! ;o)

So here are some of the fun things about living with E.

He has a scrappy streak... this kid doesn't take any If you saw the pictures of he and N playing with our Christmas house guest you will know what I am talking about. Josh is 6' 8" and about 190lbs. E would attack his knees so that Josh would play with him. E literally comes to just above his knees... too funny.

He's also mischievous. He LOVES to 'pull a fast one' on you. He loves to sneak up on you and scare you. The other night D was on the computer and I was in the living room. E comes in puts his finger to his mouth to say shhhhhhh, with a look as if to say (don't say anything, I am gonna get him!) then he takes off running into the office and shouts out to scare daddy. Then come screaming and laughing back in to me when daddy tried to catch him. He also enjoys hiding when one of us comes home from work. Even if you see him first he will still run into the play room to hide from you... yelling "hide" the whole way. ;o)

He loves music and loves to dance. Oh I wish you could see him little face and body when he dances. He has no rhythm. But he works i. ;o)

He says "Uv you" in the sweetest little voice. And caresses your face.

He is stubborn to a fault. And while I always say this is something I think will serve him later in life, it doesn't always work out so well when you are trying to deal with a Nor is it helpful when you are trying to keep from an activity that is bad, and he's determined to do it any way. He's one tenacious little dude!

He loves to sleep in. And while I completely understand this desire, it is also something that doesn't work well when we are trying to get ready for school in the morning. And it doesn't really matter when we put them to bed, he still hates getting up in the

He loves hot dogs and pasta. He only drinks milk and water.

He's smart as a whip, he already knows most of his colors, some letters, and can count to 5. He can tie things together in pretty intricate knots, and he colors within the lines. He loves to have a schedule, and things done a certain way.

He knows daddy will "ficks sit" (fix it), daddy just fixes And he also seems to have more of a sense of safety when Daddy is around. I know how he feels! ;o) I like having daddy around too.

He's just started wanting to know "why?". I know Amanda can

He's just been a blessing to know and watch grow. I just love this kid!!!!!


LisaShaw said...

I LOVE this...what a wonderful glimpse into your precious family and little E. God bless!

Matthew and Amanda said...

It was really fun to hear about his personality. He sounds like a wonderful little guy!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for your sweet little guy. He will always have a special place in my heart.


Andrea Hill said...

First, thanks again for being so open about E. I think as we read about other bloggers more and more families that have HIV children will come forward and talk about it because of you and some other ladies who have to courage. There is really nothing much or any difference except for taking meds and going to the Dr. a little more often. But yeah your precious E. is a true miracle. It was so heart warming to keep up with your blog after you came home from ET and everything you went through especially all the hospital stays. Happy to hear is is so sassy and smart!