Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Smart kid!

E is the cutest kid!
He surprises us all the time ;o)

We are still trying to determine his proper age, as our inital paperwork stated he was born in 2005 but his legal paperwork now says 2004. So technically he is currently older than N. WE think not. ;o)

But then E will pull a trick out of his hat that makes us wonder.

This past week we have played 2 board games. One was Chutes and Ladders, and the other was Candy Land. N is still working on getting the directions down for both...and he's a pretty smart cookie as well. But E just caught on and jumped right into play.

I have no clue if they have Candy Land in ET, he didn't seem to recognize it when we brought it out. But he enjoyed telling us the colors, if there were 1 or 2 on the card, and where he was supposed to go.

With Chutes and Ladders he also jumped right in and followed the concept. He and N are both pretty poor losers...LOL But then I am not sure I know anyone who enjoys losing, especially a 4 yr old.

E has only been home for about 4 months, and he's already recognizing many colors, learning to count, and his vocabulary is growing daily. His newest word is "Why?" (insert rolled eyes here) The thing is that he doesn't always understand the answer we give him... that or he doesn't like

As he's learning we are having fun communicating. He pretty much understands what we say, although his accent still has us guessing at some of his words... or he will give a one or 2 word clue then a gesture and we can pretty much figure out what he's trying to tell us.

He has pretty amazing fine motor skills, ie: he can color within the lines on fairly small pictures and can tie things together, even on the back of his head.

But then there are the moments where he is very much like a baby, he does this interesting reverting behavior. It's very cute, and we love to cuddle with him when he does it, but it's the thing that makes us think he's younger.

I love that we get to learn new things with him, and watch him grow, watch him learn and see how much he's blossomed.

We are SO blessed with both boys. Thank you God!

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Matthew and Amanda said...

Wow! It sounds like you have some really smart boys over there! I'm impressed that E knows some colors already.

As far as the "winning" issue goes - we have that here too. Even brushing teeth has become a race with winners, losers and much taunting!