Friday, January 9, 2009

Best laid plans

I have started this year with new resolve... not resolutions... but resolve. To improve my life. Well, physically and spiritually.

And so far... not doing so

I have had this cough for like 6 weeks, I haven't felt bad, just kept trying to cough up a lung. On one occasion I thought I actually did. lol

But right as the new year started and I was excited about beginning working out again and being more careful about what I eat... BAM my cough turns into a whole body ickyness. Wouldn't you know it???!!! So there I am trying to walk with Leslie Sansone, and all I am doing is alternating between walking and hacking. SO not fun.

I decided to get to the Dr and make sure there wasn't anything really wrong with me. I also had some outside

I have a virus, I just have "what everyone else has". This isn't the crowd I wanted to follow. ;o(

My husband keeps giving me a hard time about making plans and then not following through. gggrrrr While I know means well, and is trying to be encouraging, I am trying hard not to bonk him on the head. Pray for me. ;o)

I am still resloved, I AM going to get into better shape, I AM going to work out as soon as I feel like my lungs are firmly attached again and I AM going to get up earlier to study the Word and exercise, as soon as my night time medicine doesn't make me feel as if my head, arms and legs have been attached to 50 lb weights.


Anonymous said...

Definately LOL! I had a similar bad start a few years ago. I was going to start working out early in the morning. So for my first morning I got out the kids Taebo tape, after about 15 minutes I had pulled numerous muscles and one in my arm so bad I lacked full range of motion for about a month LOL! Well don't feel too discouraged just determine to be deligent when good health returns (attitude about getting side tracked is often what keeps you from getting back on track to any healthy lifestyle). I'm praying you kick that nasty cold soon. I did have something similar back in the fall and it did seem as though I was going to be suffering with that ailment for life (I figured it was bad allergies because it just doesn't seem right that it would take a body so long to get over a cold). Take care. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers as well. Hugs, Michelle

LisaShaw said...

Feel better soon my friend. You'll be back to normal very soon and able to care for yourself the way you desire but for now your body needs rest so make sure you get it. Meditate on His word and allow it to fill you up and overflow into all areas of your life. It's going to be a GOOD YEAR for you!

Love ya!