Thursday, January 22, 2009


ok, I know there are many out there that are colder than me, I have already admitted to being a

But today I am still trying to warm up. Had to take my van in for a pesky dashboard light, and to get it inspected. So I am borrowing my mom's old car. Now my mom isn't all that possession driven, but she LOVED this car. She's had it for years, it's a 1992 Diamate. It was beautiful in it's day. And with 157k miles I am surprised it still runs. The thing is that the heat only works when it wants to, this includes the defrost. So this morning I piled the kids into this frozen car, with no heat(I got to sit on the icy leather seats) and drove them to school. It's only 5 mins from the house, so it wasn't so bad. But then I had to drive the rest of the 20 mins to work in it. Oh my goodness... it's 27 degrees outside. My toes are STILL

I kept thinking to myself "I am grateful to have a car to drive" I must have repeated that 100 times on my way in to work. And then had to laugh as the heat came on as I was pulling in to the parking lot.

I pray that my van is fixed by the end of the day, the dash light issue is covered by my warrenty and the temp rises throughout the day and that my toes thaw some time

Oh a HAPPY note!
The boys finally went back to daycare today after their test day last Friday. They were fantastic! The director was so thrilled that they even got "Good Boy Tickets"!!! That's even better than stickers. When the director called me at the end of the day to tell me the good news, I cringed when I saw the number on my caller id. But she sure made my day with happy news! Perhaps we are at a turning point and settling in. ;o) Praying for more good news today!

Happy Thursday to you all!

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Andrea Hill said...

Hah, I feel really sorry for you. I could never live where you are. Proud of you for being so brave and living at such a cold State. Really don't miss the frost bites anymore I used to get in Germany.