Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic Day

Yesterday was Martin Luther King day, and today we celebrate the inauguration of our first African American President.

I am not going to get all political or anything, I just don't get that into politics.  lol No one roast me.  I have followed this election, and probably paid more attention to it than any in the past.
I believe I voted my conscience.

No matter your opinion, or views, Barack Obama is our new president.  He is now our leader. He is the president of our country, something some thought they would never see.

I found myself emotional about the coverage of this day, as I realized that Obama was paving the way for my children to have something to be proud of.  At this time because they weren't born in America they cannot become President, but they can see that if they choose to do something no one thought possible, they just might achieve it.  Even my S, who is working towards a law career, can possibly someday grace the office of the most influential person in the world.

I kneel in prayer today that this man chooses to make right decisions.  Ones that will bring our country to a place of peace and prosperity.  That he chooses to stand for the right, and not necessarily the popular.  That the country would embrace him and work together towards unity.  I am committed to pray for him and his administration.  I look forward to what will become of the coming years.

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