Friday, January 23, 2009


It's been an interesting week.
So glad it's Friday!!!

Had the inauguration. I was surprised by the emotions I felt since I wasn't sure he was the right choice politically. ;o)

Wednesday the boys had a great day at school. But I have since decided that I am no longer going to post that there are good days. Every single time I do, the next day isn't so I am not a superstitious person at all, but I have found a pattern I don't like, so I have decided not to post good days at school. N is still adjusting to having a new little brother so we have some acting out times that tend to go over the top. He's so funny and smart and great so often that he's very much like the boy with the curl. When he's good he's very very good and when he's not...oiy! Watch

Yesterday I decided since my cough and illness junk seem to be gone, I would pull out my Turbo Jam. It's a great stress reliever, and I so need to get my body moving again. I am feeling it this morning, but gosh it felt good to exercise again! Something about the punches and kicks is very cathartic.

I also I found Facebook last night. Now I have known that it exists, but honestly didn't want to get drawn into it. I don't have a lot of time to follow it. But I have had enough people invite me to join, that I thought I would. LOL if you have Facebook you know what I spent last night doing. Gosh who knew there were so many people on it?! Some people I never would have guessed! And this morning I was invited as a friend with someone I haven't seen in years and had lost touch with. I am so excited to get home and see everyone's stuff. My Z has already tagged most of my pics, and warned my S that she better be hhhmmm wonder what that means? ;o)

Had to get work done on my van this week. It's inspection month and of course a dash light came on... isn't that always the way? Well, this inspection cost 400.00! And there is like 1600.00 worth of work still to be done. But we got it passed. And will wait for money to fall from the sky for the rest of it. God provided the money needed to get it inspected so we will just trust Him for the rest. Even if we have to drive it broken for a while. As I said yesterday, at least I had a way to work, even if I was a Popsicle when I got there.

So the weekend looms, and we have no major plans. I think hanging out with the kids cleaning house and enjoying some down time is in order.

I pray you all have a wonderful weekend!

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