Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve

Gosh, where did the year go?

And what a year this had been!

It started pretty quietly for us, and then in May kicked into a year of some serious faith building exercises. We have seen the face of God in SO many circumstances and people, that I can't even begin to explain. We have learned more about ourselves than I think we really wanted to ;o). And we have been blessed beyond any reason by those that have prayed for us and with us, those that have brought meals, cleaned our house, shared their wisdom, listened to us cry, and answered the phone at all hours of the day and night to calm frayed nerves.

We have been reminded that we need to think out side of ourselves, and in caring for others we are blessed beyound measure.

We have strengthened bonds, and made new unbreakable ones.

We have leaned more on our savior and He, of course, has held us close to his heart.

I have been thinking alot about what I wanted to do in this new year. You know, the whole "New Years Resolution" thing. I mean there are things that I want to accomplish like, eat healthier, lose weight, watch my mouth, be kinder, love more, be a good friend, a better mom and wife, a better steward of the rewards God has given us... all those things I pray for almost daily anyway, so I am not sure why this day is any different. ;o)

Then today I read a devotional from Milan Ford was the contributor and he said:
It kinda makes you wonder......what will God say (about 2009) on tonight?
Well, while millions across the nation prepare themselves to hear the answer, I want to leave you with a quote I came across recently that summarizes what I want my 2009 to look like.
"The oppression of the poor isn't driven by the power of the oppressor, but (rather) the vulnerability of the oppressed." - Gary Haugen
As you prepare for tonight, it is my prayer that 2009 will be a year that you and I will put an end to our excuses. A year that you and I will no longer blame any oppressor, spiritual or natural, for the things we desire to accomplish in our lives next year.
2009 is indeed going to be a great year.But it may be one that involves will bringing an end to some things.
2009 is not a year for to be lazy and vulnerable. We can no longer wait on God to bring a conclusion to something He has already empowered us to do.
This year involves succeeding at obtainable goals, just as much as it involves reaching for some impossible ones. This year, you and I must become (sorry for the dirty word here)...responsible.
Tonight, be careful not to become too consumed with asking God (yet again) to begin some new things in your life, without examining the things He has also told you to bring to an end.
Although it may not be comfortable and popular, it is time.
Happy New Year!(In fact, make it more than happy. Make it productive!!)

So today my prayer is for God to show me the things He would have me change, so that I might move forward without the baggage of holding on to the old. ;o)

Hope you all have a blessed and safe night.
We are going to a church service, then to visit a friend in the hospital, and home to celebrate quietly at home with family and prayer.

Blessings and Happy New Year to you ALL!


LisaShaw said...


Your heart certainly comes through this message. I so agree with you regarding asking God to show you the things to be changed...

I find that the more I surrender my heart to Him, the more I sit in His presence and ask the Holy Spirit to saturate me with His presence, the more I read and absorb His word into my heart, the more I cry out unto Him and seek Him IS the more I see change in my life and the old turning into new.

The Lord brings about the change in our hearts the more we surrender ourselves to Him. I'm excited about getting to know you Andrea. I'm always moved by Christians who are transparent and hungry for the LORD and His will. Christians who love the Lord and their families and other people and realize that WE are imperfect and flawed vessels but we are vessles of GOD and the Potters hand is upon us all so be encouraged Andrea that all you and your family endured this year was to increase your faith, prepare your lives for the next part of your beautiful journey in the LORD.

I'm excited for/with you. God bless you and your precious family and Happy New Year!

Tiffany said...

Happy New Year, Andrea! What wonderful reflections as we begin the new year.