Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Shack

So again, I succumbed to the pressure of someone reading a book, loving it and telling me I should read it. In this case several someone's recommended this book so I got it. ;o) (ok I am a sucker for a good book)

I am not really sure how to explain what reading it did to me... or for me. To be honest I wasn't really digging the book in the beginning because the story line is a parent's worst nightmare.

Then the "shack" part comes. I believe I have to read it again to really explain how it's life changing...or perhaps not life changing, but affirming. Many things I already believed, and this book solidified those belief's. There were parts where I was really put off initially, like God presenting himself as a woman...I mean I know there are those that believe He is a woman, I just don't happen to be one of those people. It is however explained in the book why He presents himself this way, it then makes sense.

There's alot that's hard to grasp, some things that make you take a look at yourself and cringe. I must have cried 5 or 6 times while reading it. There is hope, and love, and a freedom that comes from reading it. Some of the things I have been struggling with lately... the ugliness and that hurt in the world...are so well explained... and interpreted here.

It's a book of fiction... but so well written and so believable. I am still taking what I have read to God in prayer, to see what He would reveal. I really do think I have to read it again to really decide what I am truly feeling about it.

If you have read it... tell me what you think.

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