Monday, December 8, 2008


I LOVE Willow Tree ;o)

The boys hamming it up
Look it's shiny!
Look what I did!
Someone's been eating candy
So although we said we were going to scale back we decided to get a tree and decorate a tiny bit.

We had fun. E got right into the spirit of things and loved putting ornaments all on the same branch.  We had to go back and rearrange a bit. ;o)  He had so much fun.  And N, was of course hamming it up for us all to laugh. 

E insists it's his tree and then allows the rest of us to share it with him.  And N is very proud of the special ornaments he was able to place.  And S was pleased to see all the "First Christmas" ornaments we still have from her first Christmas.


Andrea Hill said...

You go girl. It looks like a real tree to me. I got a real tree too. I see E is "still" the boss. What is sweatheart.

steffany said...

It's always fun decorating with kids:)
When I stepped back and looked at our tree, all the ornaments were on the bottom five branches

Aaron said...

You're not going to believe this.....we have that same nativity set!

Andrea said...

I believe it... it's the most beautiful! ;o)

LisaShaw said...

These are such great photos of your family.