Sunday, December 21, 2008


So we decided to change the house around a bit.  Well the stuff in the house, not the actual

We have a great room, that's not all that big and it houses the dining area as well as the TV, and up until today most of the boys toys ...every  So we decided to make some changes.  Z is no longer sleeping here at the house. With college and work and after school activities...and it's just plain quieter at his dad's house, he's staying there full time now.  It stinks, but I understand. Anywho, we decided to make his room into a sort of den area.  It's on the second floor but both kids have small group bible studies and that room has a door and it will afford them both some privacy when they have friends over.

We made the office that is down stairs, without a door, into the boys play room.  Right now it's wonderfully  

The wonderful part about moving every thing around is that it got us to purge stuff.  All those things that were collecting dust, the things I felt like we should hold on to "just in case" they are all gone. We have filled an entire  And we were able to go through so many of the boys things and get rid of broken, unused, and useless items.  

So in a few days we will accumulate more junk ;o)  But for now it's clean and orderly.  

Oh that life could be that way huh?  Last night we went to a service and we were reminded that this is a season of Joy.  Joy to the World, the Savior Reigns.... I love that.  This is a time of joy because tho there is so much in the world that is scary, and ugly and confusing, the one thing we can count on the one thing we can look forward to is that our Lord came that this isn't the end. This time earth shall pass and someday we will be in Glory.  That's an awesome thought!!!

I am making the conscious effort to find and keep my Joy.  

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Andrea Hill said...

Great you are changing things around. I wished I had Danica move out but she still comes home every weekend from college.
Wow, my pastor was preaching on the same thing. It was an amazing sermon and very much needed for this Christmas season.