Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So we got to spend several hours in the ER tonight with little E.  
During dinner he began to complain of stomach pain so I took him to the bathroom thinking he may have to go.  And he did, but I noticed the site around his tube was swollen.  
So we called the surgeon and they of course said come in!
So we took him in, and then spent the next 5 1/2 hours

The tube is fine.  
But they think he has an infection. Weird that it popped up so very quickly because he was fine earlier today.

They said we can admit him and put him on IV antibiotics, or you can go home and give it to him orally.

hhhmmm, tough choice.... we came home. So it's 12:45 am and I am waiting for D to come home with the meds.  ugh!

E was SO good!  He sat very still for the Dr's and once he realized that most everything they were doing wasn't going to be "ouch", he showed them his belly and let them poke.  he was also very specific about where the pain was and would re direct the Dr if he poked in a non painful place.  So cute!

He and daddy had such fun playing with the medical equipment. He out the minute we hit the car and we hope he sleeps through his medication after daddy gets home with it.

So off to sleep with me, daddy's home with medicine

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Leslie said...

I'm sorry about the ER visit and praying that he is all better very soon, and that you all get much-needed rest.