Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Funny boys

Driving home from daycare today.
N says: "MOM! We miraculously made to this street!!"
????Do you think he was critiquing my driving?

Then we were eating dinner at Golden Corral and I had an ice cream with peanuts (not doing so well on the keeping off the extra 10 lbs) and E was sitting next to me. He looks at my ice cream in confusion and says "Ice cream? Cereal???"  I told him no they were peanuts.  Again the confused look. Then "Peanuts???? Crazy!"

Later as E was eating his own ice cream he noticed that the over head fan was reflecting in his spoon.  He obviously was disturbed by this as he looked at me and then at his spoon and said "Spinning" then "Spinning. STOP!"  He just kept telling his spoon to stop spinning until i told him to put ice cream on it and it would go away.  He tried it, reluctantly because I don't think he believed me, and then said joyfully, "AH! Spinning stopped!"

They keep me laughing ;o)


Leslie said...

Too funny!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Love it! I love the way kids process things - it's so fun!


Jill said...

So funny! Especially the driving comment ;)

Andrea said...

Okay the driving comment was just hillarious.