Wednesday, December 17, 2008

no more ER

For now at least.
We went today to see his regular Dr, as planned. And they were pleased with his progress, and with lab work that was taken about 3 hours before we went to the ER last night.
His belly looks better and he's feeling a bit better, eating more and moving better although when we move him he says "Careful. Belly!"

He was very good again today while there.

Can I just tell you that we finally had a good experience with the staff at the children's hospital. The ER was swamped, I mean standing room only when we got there. We were triage'd and told to have a seat. Not big shocker, and we sat for about 1/2 hour when we checked his belly again and thought it was bigger so we went back up to the triage nurse who had us just sit in the back and they 'upped' his level of urgency. While we waited we got to talking with her and it turns out she is adopting from China, she is 3 months from a referral. That was a fun conversation.
While we sat there E's surgeon came into the trage area looking for him. Apparently this is not heard of because all the nurses said the Dr's never come out to look at but she came out, looked at him and changed our status again so that when we actually got a free bed we would bypass all the preliminary mess that you normally need to deal with and we would have the surgeon on call come to us immediately. (Our regular surgeon had already worked a 14 hour day and was on her way home..she needed it poor thing)

So we got back to our bed and the nurse who was caring for us was the very same nurse who had helped us the night E came home from ET and we were in the ER. She remembered us and just kept exclaiming about how great he looked. She kept us updated and well informed. She was so great.

It turns out he had an infection and we were able to leave. We were there more than 5 hours, but as we left there were still people in the waiting room that had gotten there before us.

Today we were supposed to see the surgeon again, but after seeing his regular dr we were told we probably didn't need to see her. Well this is the very same Dr that came looking for us in the ER waiting room. She came out to the office waiting room, looked at E said helooked better, go on home, and gave me a hug.

We could, and can still see all the wonderful ways God had His hand all over this. Thank you Lord!


Anonymous said...

Poor little E, what a brave little man. You are both in my prayers. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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