Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stolen Butt

E has the tiniest behind you have ever seen on a 3 yr old kid. I mean both cheeks could fit in one of my hand's. Tiny!
Last night daddy was putting his diaper on him and stood him up for lube time.
He said to E: E! Someone stole your butt!
E: Huh?!
Daddy: Someone stole your butt, it's gone!
E smiles huge: uh! butt all gone! ;o)
N says: E! Where's your butt?
E says with hands in the air as if to say I don't know: Uh! stole it! ;o) (smiling) {I so wish you could hear the way he says things. SO cute!}

So we have found mommy's heart and lost E's derriere all in one week! Crazy times.


Andrea Hill said...

Oh my goodness, this story is really hillarious.

Matthew and Amanda said...

I'm sorry, but little kid booties are the cutest things in world. Don't you just want to pinch it (what little there is!) every time you see it??