Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scaling Back

SO every year I think... THIS is the year... I am not going to go out and spend a bunch of money, I am not going to attend each and every event, and I am not going to eat myself 10 pounds heavier. ;o)

I feel like every where I turn I am getting the message that I need to focus on the real meaning and spirit of this time.
Necessity will also play a big part in what we can and cannot do this year as far as shopping. lol So I don't have a ton of choice.

I am also really bothered by the commercialism that has become Christmas. Not trying to get on any soap box ...well maybe I am... but I was at the mall the other day and the reindeer were dressed in island clothes. So not only are reindeer not really what Christmas is about...lol... but reindeer in island gear drinking beverages with umbrellas seems a bit much to me.

There are so many things I love about this time of year, that even though most everything is becoming secular, at least there are movies and shows attempting to get people to think outside of themselves, to think of others and 'hint' at the true meaning of the season.

It's funny to hear the boys exclaim over the lights already displayed on other houses. E just sits in his seat and says "wow" and N wants to know when Daddy is going to put lights on our house. Lights seem to conflict with my thoughts of scaling back, but then so does a Christmas tree and I can't imagine not having one. ;o) I love the smell of a fresh tree, the feeling of warmth it brings the fun our family has decorating it while eating cookies and listening to Christmas music.

So I guess I need to decide what's important to me and just work on enjoying life and being thankful that we are celebrating the birth of my savior.

I am not going to worry about gifts for all my friends and we exchanged names for my family so there is only one person to buy for instead of 8. ;o)

We are giving simple, but from the heart. I am going to worry about spending time with the kids, baking, doing crafts, teaching them about Jesus' birth and life.

I pray that this doesn't become yet another season of hustle and hurry and stress.

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Anonymous said...

Ugg, I so hear you! I'm getting stressed thinking about gifts which tells me that something needs to be done about that!