Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What does God expect from us?

That's the question on the front of the book I am currently reading.

The book is "The Hole in Our Gospel" by Richard Stearns who is the President of World Vision.

It's a good book. It's another one that makes you think about your role in life, in God's plan and in this world.

What he says basically is that it's pretty simple what God says to do.
  • We are to love God
  • We are to love our neighbors
  • We are to go and make disciples of others who will do the same.

Seems easy huh?

Then why do so many of us struggle with the basics? I know that I am not the only one that thinks I am supposed to be doing more, sacrificing more, giving more.... more more more....

Between the internet, blogs, facebook, tv shows... so many opportunities to do more.

So what is the right thing? How often do you ask God...what do you want me to do? what can I do for you? where am I supposed to be?

I don't know the answers either.

I surely love God.

I work hard...sometimes harder than other times...to love my neighbors.

I do what I can, when I can, to go and make disciples.

Is it enough?

There is a story in this book that talks about a guy in Cambodia that is a Christian. He became a christian because people from World Vision had been in his town working and building, generally being the hands and feet of Christ. They didn't proclaim their Christianity from the street corners, they just worked with the people and did the best they could to minister to them. So this guy asked them one day why they were there and why they wanted to help. They were then able to share the gospel and give him a bible. This guy ended up with 85 people in his 'congregation' of believers because he then shared his faith with them.

How great is that?

While I am convinced that the mission team I am working with is God's plan. I still look for ways that He will do great things. I sometimes struggle with wondering what good we can really do in the short time we are there. Are we doing enough? Are we just another group swooping in, doing some good things, then flying home to comfort? My plan...desire...hope... is that we are able to make relationships with the people. That those that come on the trip then make a ripple effect and they themselves will want to do more.

Is this God's plan...desire...hope? I pray that it is...

I know that God knows my heart...my selfish desires, hopes and plans..and my very real desire to follow Him and lose me.

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Tiffany said...

I'm reading this book too (because of you!) Man is my head spinning around many of the same things...what I've really had pressed on me the last few days is that as long as we are seeking HIM, He will show us what His will is so that we can join Him.

I definitely believe this trip is something He has brought to you. He will do amazing things through it as long as you continue to seek His will along the way. He already is!