Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Counting my blessings and giving praise to the Lord.

I got a call yesterday from a dear friend who has BTDT with this whole yard sale church stuff and she is lending an amazing hand. Don't you love it when God places people in your life that just make you say"THANK YOU!" ...lol...and then man I don't deserve that kind of friend. ;o)

She had some great ideas, pointers, and is even going to help pick up some last minute things that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get. I have also had several local people offer to come help us sort and sell. People that can't come on the trip, yet want to support it. Is that awesome?! I also have people that aren't local wishing they could come help. Is God good or what??!! Yep He is better than good!

I am truly excited to see God's blessings unfold on Saturday. I was speaking to my co leader today. We were discussing what we were going to do with the left over stuff. We said if we had enough we would do a smaller scale one at my house ... I then just said, I am believing we won't have enough for another sale. I am believing God is going to just bless our socks off! ;o)

Other good news:
D did get a job offer from "Friend D" (see previous post). He's going to accept it for now, and we are going to pray for God's blessing on it. We are also praying that if God has another door to open that we see it. Friend D is aware that my D is still looking and open to other options. The pay D is going to get is significantly less than he makes now, but it's better than no money so we are just going to have to WAY tighten the belt. Any frugal moms out there that have some pointers? ;o)

We feel blessed to have this opportunity and that D has this job. He is going to take next week off work completely. He's been really burning the candle at both ends for a while. He's going to spend time with the kids and go to the beach.

One thing that he's said several times, is his sadness at his neglect of the family and house while working so hard for this company that now is just seeming to give up and actually turn down work. He wasn't intentional in his neglect, but he's feeling like he wants to make more of an effort to keep the important things important. He's a pretty special guy, I kinda love him. ;o)

The kids are going peach picking today with my previously mentioned friend. S is taking a camera, I hope she gets good pics to share with you. I have been a bad picture takin momma recently. ;o)

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