Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally Friday...

ok so today feels like a "finally" Friday! ;o)

What a week. I don't want to wish my life away by any means, but some weeks are better than others ya know?

With everything else going on I will have to admit to not doing so well in the exercise realm. No real time, and in some cases no real energy left. I did attempt to do some training for the 10k Over here on the East coast we have this thing called humidity.... ugh!

I don't think I did too badly but I sure need some more training. I went down to the boardwalk on the ocean front and started at 19th street. I walk / jogged down to 1st street then back up to 12th where D and the boys were playing. My legs felt great, my lungs were drowning. Guess the past 6 years of non smoking hasn't quite healed my lungs yet. ;o) I have asked for donations towards a new pair of running shoes for my birthday. It's at the end of the month. Maybe the new running shoes will help me breathe? Well a girl can hope.

S was busy every night this week with church and bible study and D was also at church so we didn't spend alot of time together which makes me sad. But we will have some good time together this weekend.

Tonight Jentzen Franklin will be at my Z's church speaking so we are going to go listen. I enjoy him and he usually has a good word to speak. I also enjoy worshiping there, they really know how to get their praise on, and sometimes you just gotta get some praise goin' ya know? (S just text me to tell me that Jentzen Franklin is speaking this morning at the youth portion of the conference. She is SO stoked!)

I have been doing some struggling with my attitude about this yard sale I am so completely over joyed with what God is providing! Please don't mistake that. But I am working hard on not being annoyed with the people who have stipulations and strings attached to their donations. It's those little whispering nasty's Judgement and Pride...doggon them. I have been asking God for His forgiveness and Grace. I can't expect blessing if I am not in the right place with Him. They are giving and we are receiving the blessing. Period... end of story. Praise God!

D is talking to a new guy today about a job. He has also had a couple of people approach him about working for them. We will probably be seeing a significant pay cut though since he was with his current/past employer for 12 yrs. He had built some seniority. He is still working hard to complete his last job with them. He said that he has a reputation in the field and he wants to keep his integrity in tact. I am so proud of him for that.

The boys have been doing well this week. Yesterday they got to go to church for a few hours and both had so much fun! N made this really cute sea shell and sand frame for a picture they took of his name written in sand. It's so precious and he is so proud of it! E made turtles out of green hand prints. It's such a great program and the boys are having such fun! Today they are hanging out with my mom while S is at conference. They love my mom!

Speaking of mom she was at my house yesterday cleaning. Can I just tell you that having my mom at my house cleaning, is like God shining a light in all the dark places. oiy Now my mom doesn't clean to be nosey or bothersome. It's just what she does, it's like a sickness...LOL She washed my dishes (oops forgot to do it before she came over), cleaned out my fridge, emptied my trashcans and made us dinner. Super mom! Love her... feelin a bit guilty though. Perhaps after this yard sale thing is over I will have a bit more time??? ;o)

Hope you all have a blessed and full ...or restful weekend.


Amy Jo said...

You have had a full week! Praying the weekend is full of blessings. :-) I love Jentzen's book on Fasting. Can't wait to hear how tonight goes. With joy, Amy

Andrea Hill said...

Glad your husband is talking to some people.

I am really sorry I can't be there for the yardsale. I wished we wouldn't live that far away. But those are true things you spoke about. People are so attached to their things and when they give it to you they shouldn't have to be concerned how much your asking for cuz in the end its all God's anyway and that is how they need to look at it. Its amazing how attached people still are to their worldly possessions.

I really hope you get some time in this weekend with your family since you haven't seen them much.

I still can't believe you live so close to the beach!!

Our journey following Christ said...

I have a mom like that, too.

We couldn't be more blessed!!

They are few and far between. I hope to be a grandma like that.


Adeye said...

Oh my goodness--could you please send your mom over to my house? Wow, what a blessing.
So sorry things have been a little stressful. Hang tight--God WILL work out all things to the good of YOU who loves Him :) I promise.

Rachel said...

Hi Andrea

Thanks for the message on my blog. We were actually only visiting Va Beach for the day, my sister just moved there from Richmond 3 weeks ago. We just got back from a weeks vacation in Ocean Isle SC. What church do you go to, my sister moved for her husbands job and knows no one there.


Sarah said...

Andrea, Such a busy week, sounds like mine! Birthday part for 5 year old, 12th anniversary, packing to leave the country, preparing to teach for 2 days next week ...

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn