Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally Friday!

YAY! I mean the "finally" in a new sense this time.

It's finally Friday ...the one before our big sale!!!

Our fellowship is about half full, I mean truly it's packed and we have another whole UHaul truck tomorrow to fill and drop off.

Today we had a gentleman meet us at the church with a full to the brim UHaul truck. It was items that had been sitting in storage that belonged to his parents. His mother has dementia and his father just passed away a few months ago. This was sort of a closure event for him.
He emptied the whole truck for us and just said he prayed that it blessed us. Can I just tell you that him donating it was a blessing in and of itself!

I will try to get pics of the event.

Tonight my Z was over helping me with leadership tips. ;o) He does attend a leadership college you know... so he knows about leadership. It was so cool to sit and talk to him for hours about the process and my role and the group. He's one insightful guy.

The boys get to have sleep overs tomorrow night. N is going with my mom and dad, while E is going to stay with D's mom. They are both very excited and E has already said he was going to listen to grandma. ;o) N is looking forward to hanging with Nanny and then coming to help with the sale on Saturday morning.

S is just looking forward to time without the boys. ;o)

On a really fun note... I have lost 1.5 more pounds! YAY! I have tried to be consistent with my work outs this week even with all the other things going on. I will not be officially working out tomorrow but since I will be moving furniture and other items I feel like it will not be a wasted day.

So please say a prayer for the team, the sale, God's blessings, and our strength.

I can't wait to share what wonderful things I already know He is going to do!!!

Have a blessed weekend!


Amy Jo said...

Thanks for your sweet post and prayers!!! I so appreciate them-we're all in this together, eh? The joys and heartaches of adoption. Thankfully our King is in control!

Congrats on your weight loss & working out. Praying your sale is a HUGE success. HUGE!

Sweet blessings headed your way,

Andrea Hill said...

Wow Andrea, you guys have put so much work into this. Can't hardly wait to see pics and hear the outcome. Glad you got some good advice from Z and it is so good to hang with the older kiddos, isn't it. How fun for the boys to have sleepovers. Happy almost Friday

Our journey following Christ said...

May God richly bless your efforts!

I will pray that God knocks this one out of the park for you. What a fun (and busy crazy) weekend to watch and see what God can do.

Can't wait so hear all about it.


Adeye said...

Standing with you and trusting for an awesome sale!!!! How blessed you have been with so much stuff. Wow--I can't wait to hear the outcome. Go God!

Unknown said...

hey, i hope all goes well and i know it'll be a great success! if we still lived there you know i'd be there in a heartbeat to help. thinking of ya'll and your mission team.

LisaShaw said...

So excited for you and congratulations on your weight loss.

I just said a prayer for the sale, team, your strength in the LORD and all GOD has in store. May everything be done unto His glory.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.