Monday, August 10, 2009

Quiet there's a Victory in Progress

"Quiet, there's a Victory in Progress"

That was the name of the message on Friday night. Z, S and I went to listen to Jentzen Franklin. It was phenomenal! It's funny that he started the sermon with the thought that he felt God telling him there were people in the congregation that would need to hear this message, and I can tell you that I certainly did!!!

I so can't do justice to the message but the gist of it was that we need to shut up... quit complaining and start praising. We (ok I) get so caught up in whining and complaining about how things are going...or not going that we start talking ourselves out of a victory. If we have felt God leading us, or know that He's promised us something then we just need to let Him do His work. If it doesn't happen right away just keep on believing Him and trusting Him...especially in the hardest time. It's that awful 4 letter word "WAIT" . There are times when God says I am not just going to deliver you out of this, but I am going to be with you while you are going through it... and the outcome with will be a true Victory!

One phrase I loved was not to be a Negaholic. hhhmmm... sometimes I am so a negaholic. In all things praise Him... don't speak the ugly...only speak praise and thanksgiving, because He is ready to give you victory.

D did not come to the service. He stayed with the boys, and actually visited with his mother. While I wish he had been with me the time spent with S and Z was priceless. The church is a Hillsong church, I am not sure they "label" themselves as Pentecostal but there is certainly that type of teaching. I attend a United Methodist church... for many reasons... and they are not One of the things I love about going to Z's church is the worship atmosphere...the abandon and the presence of the Holy Spirit. There was a powerful moment of prayer where I was holding both my kids and they were holding me and we were praying with feeling and power... SO good. It was an amazing God, and mom, moment. LOVE those.

Yesterday I was feeling that negaholic attitude and this message just resounded in my head. I immediately asked God for forgiveness and thanked Him for the victory He is preparing. I KNOW He has good things planned. I was feeling sorry for myself with the amount of work that is going into this yard sale, and the complete lack of work by most (not all) of the rest of the team. I then remembered that this isn't about what I want, it's not about what I need. God asked me to step up and go... no matter the work load I find myself with, no matter the amount of time it takes, no matter the price it costs. He said will you do it? I said yes.

I know I sound like such a whiner. Maybe I can blame the most recent whining on hormones? They are all out of whack(but that's a post I will keep to myself)

D still has no real prospects for a new job but he is working some other smaller projects and opportunities. I can't help but think that God is preparing something grand for him.

Sunday we were able to attend the baptism of a long time friend. This guy was at the birth of our daughter almost 16 yrs ago, back when none of us had anything to do with Christ. And yesterday we were able to witness his re-birth in Christ. What an amazing moment. The service was done at the ocean front. It's how I was baptised a couple of years ago. What a feeling that is, to be submerged and then to come back out of the water feeling so clean. Even in our yucky This friend recently went on a mission trip to Nicaragua and is on fire with ideas about plans to go back and supply building equipment and tools and teach in the orphanage and travel back several times a year. He's a guy that had a huge heart before he began following Christ...phew watch out now!!!

I was seeing some really cool opportunities for D while talking to this friend. They both work construction and the friend (whose name also starts with a D so that makes things difficult wants my D to go to work with him. Friend D, has all kinds of big plans for his business and wants my D to work with him. We are in prayer about it. Before D started working with his current company they worked together and it wasn't so pretty... but perhaps with the changes made in both of their lives this could be a good opportunity. Would love prayer for guidance and wisdom.

E found some victory himself this weekend. He has a new set of floaties. So while I took S school clothes shopping with her babysitting money yesterday, D took the boys to a friend's pool. E had his new floaties on and had a ball!!! He would jump from the side of the pool by himself and then swim to the stairs and repeat the process. He also walked down our whole flight of stairs with no hands all by himself! This is huge for him because he's still had so much strength and coordination to regain after his long illness last year. God is SO good.

N is a fish... I mean this kid loves water! He was able to swim in the ocean by himself on Saturday. He's growing so much. He's so excited to start Kindergarten this year. We were able to meet with the learning Rx people (they actually showed up this time) and have him evaluated. We speak to the evaluator on Tuesday night about his results. She did say that he's very intelligent. Well heck we knew that! ;o) We shall see if they have any insight into some ways we can help him focus. We shall see.

We have had quite a few victories this weekend. God is Good!! Better than good!!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

YEAH God!!! Sounds like God has really been working! Praying for your husband's job situation- that God will really bring what is needed!!!

LisaShaw said...

GOD IS SO GOOD THAT HE'S TOO GOOD!! Praise the LORD dear sister. You and your family remain upon my heart and in my prayers.

Love you.

Adeye said...

Yayyeeee---I love the VICTORIES! Not just teeny little ones--HUGE victories. Praise God!

Andrea H. said...

I love reading your updates about family and life in general. Its like talking on the phone. I also learned a new word today, Negaholic. I like it, hehe. But I am not trying to be one. Thanks for showing your continued great faith in God and what he does!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting on my blog because now I found yours!! How similiar our blog entries are about this - even the hormones...HA!!!

=D Hi my name is Laura and I'm a negaholic... :o) I'm thanking God that neither you or I are wandering in the desert right now!! Hugs!