Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's OVER! ;o)
I uploaded the pics backwards so please start at the bottom when viewing. But we are done! I am still exhausted. It's so much more than just moving stuff around and sorting, it's designating and answering questions, and smiling alot. ;o)
We were so blessed. And I was personally blessed by the people that came out on Friday to spend the day, when they aren't even involved with the trip. But because they are extra special people.

One woman came out to help at the call of a friend, and found out when she got home that her mother had passed away completely unexpectedly. Please pray for her family.

We had SO much stuff out fellowship hall was PACKED. We have had some funny rain issues over the past few days so we decided to set up in the fellowship hall as if we were going to have the sale there. It was a good thing because we had rain showers on and off all morning Saturday.

We had all kinds of people bringing items on Friday to us. One man looked liked he was about 100 brought us some of his items. It so touched my heart. Some were old board games, and even a hat. Looked like he'd worn it out on the golf course. It was his gesture that just touched me.

We began at 8am on Friday morning sorting and organizing. The boy scouts that meet at our church on Thursday night had helped us separate items into categories so that was a huge blessing. We were done at about 645 pm. The help we had was unbelievable. Mostly non team members as many of them had other plans that day. But it was good stuff and God provided what we needed to get it done.

The sale was to start at 8am on Saturday but of course we had people showing up at 7am while we were still setting up. I had friends volunteer to come out first thing in the morning to help get things started. At 8 we were in business! The people not involved with the team that came to help just kept reminding me of how great God is when he puts people into your life. Now don't get me wrong. I love the team, and every one of them was there on Saturday and they all worked hard. I think it was a really great bonding time, and we got to work together.

I personally learned alot. I am loving some of the personalities that I didn't know before.

Over all the grand total for the day was 2526.60!!!
I will be honest that I expected to make more. I am so not complaining. My co-leader and I had a bit of a different perspective on the day. I was about the fund raising, ...come people lets make some money And he was all about just get it the heck out of here. Sell for any price you can get.

The thing that happened there was that he got an answer to prayer. So I am at peace with how it all worked out. He had been up all night worried that it wouldn't sell and we would be stuck with a bunch of left overs with nothing to do with it. So God sent a man to the sale that owns a thrift store and what was left he bought. All of it. Every last God is in the details! ;o)

So here are a couple of pics.
This is me and R. (remember our manny? This is him. He got up and came out at 7am on a Saturday to help.) I so love this kid! He's one special guy. Can you tell it had been a long couple of days?! I am looking a bit rough!
This is M and J. M is a dear friend that came out to help cause she's just a great lady! And J is on our team. He's a great guy. His wife keeps telling me that I better not let anything happen to him on the I will do my best.
I will probably get in trouble for sharing this one... but it's my mom and E who is also on the trip. They were playing in the clothes. ;o)
People buying.
This is B (she has the best smile) T who is my co leader and J. This is part of the team.
This is K (sitting). She is an angel!! She was there with me at 830am on Friday and stayed until we were done and then again on Saturday. She even enlisted her husband to help with pick up and delivery. I can't even tell you how much that meant to me! C is the one standing. She is a worker bee! She's awesome and also coming on the trip. I sure wish K was too!
My goofy hubby playing with some of the items.
Books and VHS for miles!
As we were sorting, this is about 1/3 of the room.
As we were getting started.
A portion of the stuff.

Over all I am so glad to have been a part of it. To have been there to witness the blessings and to grow even more in so many ways.

God is amazing! Now I have a bit of breathing room. Until we begin our next project.

Thank you for your prayers!!!


Unknown said...

Wow, you did a great job! What a success! Congrats, you should be proud!

Cindy said...

It reminds me so much of the sale we had to raise money for our adoption! God allowed you to rasie exactly the amount He intended. Remember that. He was and is in control of it all!
Love you.
you did a great job!

Holli said...

WOW that is some garage sale! congrats!

Andrea Hill said...

Oh Andrea. What is a blessing that the team has earned that but I do understand your expectations. Also I think a lot of people look at it like a yard sale not a sale to get donations for a trip even a lot of people probably came from the church. Does that make sense? I really really have been praying for our team so much. It feels weird saying our team since I am way down here. I am glad the first part is over with. The one picture of you in the yellow shirt is so beautiful. You just look sooo relieved even though I can't figure out at what point of the day it was taken. I really hope with all my heart you get to relax for a few days.

Adeye said...

woohooo---that is absolutely FABULOUS!!!! That is an huge amount of money. Thank you, Father. Wow-- am rejoicing with you. It sure does sound like your community opened their hearts. I love it!
Thanks for sharing your stunning pics.