Friday, May 22, 2009


I have that song by Loverboy in my head... Everybody's workin' for the weekend.... come on sing with me...... If you are old enough to remember them, lol, can't you just see Mike Reno in his head band! lol I cannot believe I once thought that was sexy. Weird.

Good news! The AC is in and working! YAY!! The air flow is better and the unit is huge, but we should be good to go for at least the next 10 years. I am so thankful. And the guys were really great. They worked us in so that we would have it by this weekend, and are waiting for our insurance check to clear before demanding payment. I will highly recommend them!

We don't have any major plans this weekend. Just going to hang out with the family, play outside in the wonderful sun, and probably do some cleaning. I keep looking around our house thinking ...ugh! Too many piles of junk!

The week has been great with our new Manny. ;o) He's such a great guy! The boys love him. He's so laid back and easy going, but not a push over. He understands kids, and he knows what it's like to be a brother, and how brothers act with each other. It's such a wonderful relief to come home and hear, the boys were great, they fight like brothers... but they are brothers. ;o) He took them to the zoo yesterday, and to the park and just outside to play. He's such an answer to prayer.

Hey! I forgot to say a HUGE congrats to my niece J, she graduated from High School! YAY J!!!! I was looking at pics of her on facebook last night. She has one of those smiles that makes you smile, you just can't help it. All long arms and legs and big blue eyes, she's just beautiful. We miss you J! And love you.

Don't forget to thank your military for the service they do for us!

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