Monday, May 18, 2009

E- Speak

Just for fun cause it's so cute here are a few words that E uses as he learns English. These are used pretty frequently in our home.

Whappin? ~ translated: What happened?

Inunno ~ translated: I don't know.

Why? ~ lol... easily translated, however he uses it even when you've explained why, he will ask

Yeah. ~ usually said after he's told you a great story, only half of which you understand. So we respond "Yeah" just as enthusiastically.

E want that ~ I believe you understand where this comes from, and it's generally spoken in a store when he sees something he wants.

E like it ~ spoken when he wants something to eat that we know he does not like and will spit out, but insists on our putting it on his plate.

These are just a few. He's so smart, and really very funny. In the last couple of weeks it's as if he's gotten some kind of little spark. He's been talking more. Running, dancing, and even trying to jump more. He's a funny little guy. We are so very blessed to have him.

Now lest you think him perfect, or I that wear rose colored glasses... he does have one huge stubborn streak. The cool thing about it is that he fits right into our little clan. ;o)


steffany said...

So cute!

LisaShaw said...

How adorable. Boy I sound like that sometimes and I know English(smile).

You have a beautiful family Andrea. I pray God's blessings upon each of you and His favor and provision in all areas.

Thank you for praying for Josiah's parents. The loss of their son has got to be heart wrenching for them.

Love you.