Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Sorry for the whine yesterday.  All is well. We still do not have word from the insurance company, but some how all will be ok. I know it. ;o)

It's a beautiful cool sunny breezy day today, can't ask for better.  Thank you God for providing! There are so many in the world without the option of cool air, and AC. So my whine is done. ;o)

It's been an emotional week.  First World AIDS Orphan day and then today.... so many opportunities to think about mothers, and children without mothers.  And being a mom, not always sure I am worthy of being a mom to the kids I have. 

But God has chosen to set these children in my family and I choose to love them with all that I have.  

I thank God for my grandmother.  The tiny little 4 '10 matriarch of the family.  She had 6 kids, all of whom follow God.  She's a little power house... or used to be, since her stroke, there not so much power but a ton of love.  I spoke to her this morning and she always makes sure to tell me how much she loves me and how proud she is. I learned alot from her!

I thank God for my mom.  She's pretty great as S would say.  She's a woman with more creativity and beauty in her pinky than I will ever have in my whole body!  She's beautiful and loving and helpful.  She loves to clean, a trait I did not inherit, her house is always beautiful. She has taught me about love and beauty.

I thank God for giving me children and making me a mom. They have helped me to grow, they keep me humble and they love me no matter what.  

I thank God for my husband.  Who loves me and defends me and lifts me and cooks for me. ;o) He's a gift!

I thank God for N and E's moms.  I can't really express the feelings I have for them.  I am in awe of their strength, in pain for their pain, wishing I could talk to them.  I wish I could share them, really share them.  Show them what beautiful children they have given us.  I pray that God is watching over them, and that E's mom is sitting at the feet of Jesus praising him waiting for her son to come home and they can be reunited.

Happy Mothers day.

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