Sunday, May 31, 2009

phew... I am worn out

This weekend was a FULL one!  Friday night we went out for ribs to our favorite local place to celebrate my dad's retirement.  He's only 60, yet he's retired.  SO jealous!!! ;o)  I better start playing my cards

Saturday we were invited to share in the joy of dear friends of ours as we celebrated their daughter's going to Africa with the Peace Corps.  How very cool is that??!!  She's going to Mauritania.  She will be gone for a full 27 months.  That's a commitment.  We are so very proud of her.  The kids got to play in the pool and have a blast.  Every time we leave some one's house that has a pool they want to know if we can move  We obviously don't have one other than the little plastic blue one.

Then Sunday we had church and then on to our church picnic.  I was in charge of the burgers and dogs and buns and condiments.  S and I went shopping for them cause D is down with a terrible cold.  We went to Walmart and you should have seen the looks we got walking through with 2 carts full of buns and  I think people were wondering if we were leaving any for them.  We did get to invite our cashier to our picnic though, and that was cool.

Over all it was a wonderful weekend.  Full of family and fun and sun and fellowship.  We are all exhausted and happy I think.  Back to work tomorrow to relax.

Oh, and I read a book as well, called 90 Minutes in Heaven.  Man...... what a book.  Thank you Cindy.

Random dragon fly's outside our door on Friday night.  They were huge!  At least 3 inches long.
Dad's dinner.

My niece and her momma.... Got momma's eyes huh?!
I had to include this one... too funny how bored they all look huh
My mom and dad.  Don't they look great?  They were young when they had me in fact I was born about 10 months after they were married so they always say they have had me forever. ;o)
Dad and E... weird angle on dad's
To of my favorite guys. 
My brother and my son.  They are very much alike, it's fun to see them together.
The pool party. E's not quite the swimmer yet. ;o)

ok, could this kid be any more beautiful?!


Unknown said...

Your children are beautiful!! I look forward every time you post to seeing more pictures!
My boys have the same swim shorts as E, cute!
Isn't summer fun, pool parties, cook-outs...awww, I love it!

LisaShaw said...

I am always so blessed when I'm able to visit. Your photos belong in a family photo gallery :) Each one tells a precious story in and of it's own.

I'm glad you had a good weekend. That's awesome about the child going to Africa! WOW! I pray a safe journey.

I love ya.

Anonymous said...

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