Saturday, May 16, 2009

A New Day...

Yesterday was just one of those days when I just had to say Satan get away you are pissing me off!!! And then God showed up!

First issue was the insurance company.  Since we have a direct loss policy, the company will only replace the outside AC unit that was destroyed by the storm.  Which is awesome, but it's an old unit and the interior parts won't jive with the new parts so those have to be replaced too.  We get to foot that bill.  argh!  The blessing is that it is still not terribly hot, we have a whole house fan and the company that is going to do the work is willing to work with us on payments.  The other blessing is that I am fully aware that there are those that do not have central air...and deal just fine.  So I am no longer complaining.  It will happen when it happens and we will be good to go. ;o)

Next issue was the daycare director at the boys school.  She and I have not really gotten along from the beginning.  Part of my issue with her is that she is an excuse maker.  And a rule changer, and doesn't always tell the truth ... and so you ask why did we keep  our boys there? ell long story but the short of it is that we didn't want the boys to have another transition before it was necessary.  Well earlier I told you about how they are closing the preschool portion of the school at the end of May.  This is contrary to what we thought because she has always said they followed the public school schedule.  We are in a bind not having anyone to watch the boys from May 22 until June 22.  She and I had strong words.  No yelling or bad words. I just told her how I felt, and how I felt about her constantly changing her story and then trying to make us feel bad for doing the job she promised to do when we started the boys there.  

May 22 is their last day.

At this point of the day I am in a pretty foul mood... and sorry if there are any guys out there reading, I am also hormonal presently...and that makes me an unhappy gal.  I was sitting at my desk quietly praying and reading.  (yes the office was SLOW) 

I then got a call from a friend of S's from their school bus.  S was having a full blown asthma/panic attack.  It was so severe that she could not talk to me.  I am in a completely different city so I cannot do anything about it from where I am.  D however was just around the corner at the house sleeping.  I called him told him to call the girls cell phone and go meet the bus.  In the mean time the bus driver had pulled into a grocery store parking lot and called 911. D actually followed the paramedics to the location.  Luckily her oxygen sats were fine and they were able to get her calmed and her breathing under control.  She has been diagnosed with exercise induced asthma so she doesn't carry an inhaler with her.  It's at school.  Not so helpful when she's on the bus. ;o) 

After this incident is when I just said, Lord.  I know you are there, I know you see this, I apologize for my hormonal induced ugliness... please forgive me and take over this day.

About an hour or so later I get an email.  It's from someone I have never met personally, hope to someday!,  but she sent me an email with a huge blessing.  What she didn't know was how my day was going.  She didn't know that I needed that little sign from God saying.  "You have work to do and it's going to be hard... this day has been hard... but I have been with you through it all".  I felt like he was hugging me through that email.  I was in tears. And my spirits were lifted, my attitude changed and I just knew that God was going to take care of it all.  He would provide.  Thank you T!!!!  I love ya!

Later last night we went to the graduation of our friend J...the giant one that stayed with us over Christmas. He was graduating from Wave Leadership college.  After the ceremony we were standing around talking to family.  His older brother was there.  He had just finished his year of college and was looking for something to do.  He's married to the young lady I was blessed to play music with on the woman's weekend I just attended.  I asked him if he had anything lined up for the summer, he said "Like watching your boys?"  He said he knew some of his gal friends were going to be nanny's this summer and since his mom used to run a daycare he would love to do that...he just didn't know anyone that would hire him as a guy.  I will! I will! So again God provided.  Some we know and love and trust.  

By the time I went to bed I was so full of gratitude for God's Grace and Mercy I could almost not sleep.

Today D, S and I went to our local KLove radio station, that happens to be across the street, and learned how to become part of the volunteer event team.  How very cool is that?!  I am really excited. They do concerts, church functions, and other secular events to get the word out about Christ and about the radio station that changes lives.  

I am so excited to see how God works.  How He shows up when we need him.  

Today is a new day!  


LisaShaw said...

Wow you have had your share lately but I thank GOD THAT HE IS WITH YOU AND YOUR PRECIOUS FAMILY.

My hugs and love are with you and of course my prayers.

Abba Father,

You know Andrea and her families needs. We pray for your divine intervention in the schooling and needs of the children. We pray for Your presence in their finances and all areas where they need Your Hand to be present and that is everywhere. We thank You Abba for wisdom, peace and provision. We thank You for your mercy and love upon them. Please keep their marriage grounded in You and their children to walk in Your ways. We thank You Abba Father and we pray in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Tiffany said...

God rocks! He gives us what we need when we need that about Him.

Our journey following Christ said...


Funny, you just did the same thing for me. I just got home from a weekend at our cabin and I'll just give you one word...STRESS! I checked my blog and there was a comment from you. Just made my day. Thanks for taking the time to comment me.

God is truly good!