Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just stuff...

Happy Wednesday ya'll!

Good news!!! Looks like the AC unit will be covered by home owners insurance! YAY!! Thank you God. And He has provided a week of perfect weather. So beautiful and cool and sunny, no rain so the windows can be open. Love how he takes care of little things like that. ;o)

I had a great conversation with a guy I am hoping we can partner with for our trip to Ethiopia next year. They are doing really wonderful work in ET. They do some longer term projects. I think it would be grand to take on an opportunity to minister long term if possible. Right now we are just trying to find the way that we can make the most impact in the short amount of time that we will be there. There are so many ways to help, but we can't do them all ya know? ;o)

I would ask for a quick prayer for a young lady named Kidist. She and her husband are the caretakers of the guest house we stayed in while picking up E and hope to again when we go back in April. She suffers from something...noone can figure out what... that causes her great pain. A year or so ago a family paid for her to come to the states to get checked out but they couldn't find anything specific. They have limited supplies there in ET and her pain is debilitating. It's so sad. We took her a heating pad when we went over in August and that helps to relieve some of it. So if could take a second to pray for her that would be wonderful. She is so sweet and precious!

My N is sick. He's been home since December of 2006 and hasn't had more than a running nose occasionally. Last night I noticed he was puny. Now, my N is never puny. He is bright and moving and just 'on' all the time. So I asked him if he was ok and he said he was cold. Weird. I took his temp because he felt a little warm. It was 103! It was 103 again when he woke up this morning. Crazy! I spoke to the Dr office and because he has no other symptoms we just need to keep an eye on him. Poor little man.

I have joined a program with a couple of ladies that are adoptive and pre-adoptive moms. We are all trying to get ourselves in better shape. And after seeing myself in my mom's day picks, I am so ready to get a little less "fluffy" It's been good to have people that I am accountable to. I am so tired and worn out in the evening but because I know I have to tell them what I did, I get up off my butt and work out. I have tried something new. I have a mini trampoline that I pulled out, I put on my ipod with my Hillsong music and just jam. It's so much fun, I make a fool out of myself, jump like a loon, praise God and feel so much better by the time the 45 minutes are up. ;o) I am not setting a weight goal... just a movement eat better goal. ;o)

ok, I think that's about it.
I pray you are all having a better than good day!

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Anonymous said...

Praying for N. Should they check for swine flu? Miss seeing/hearing more of him on the blog.