Friday, May 8, 2009

Good stuff

First good thing.... IT's FRIDAY! YAY! I love Friday. It means I get 2 days off work to play with my kids. I am thinking about going Strawberry picking. We have a ton of places we can go. I think the kids would have a blast, I know I will... and LOVE strawberries. Strawberry we come! ;o)

Last night we had our first Missions Team meeting. I am SO excited! I think we will probably have about 12 people. We are meeting again in June and will have some more firm ideas about what we are doing and when. I think we will be traveling in April 2010 over Spring Break so that those that are teachers can come if they want to and not have to take too much time off work. We are just working now on our focus. Where the most need is. We already have some great ideas for fund raisers.

I am missing my ladies from last weekend. We really had so much fun.

I am going to leave you with a fun song that we sang several times.... I dare you not to love it. I have been making many a fellow driver on the road laugh as they watch me jam in my van to this song! ;o)

Blessings and HAPPY FRIDAY

and P.S. YAY! A New Trader Joe's opened right up our street. SO excited! Fresh strawberries and Traders Joes... AND Mothers Day.

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Tiffany said...

I am SO glad that your missions meeting went well!! I can't wait to see the details unfold.