Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guess What I get for Mom's day??!!

a NEW AC!  ;o)

We have been having crazy Thunder storms lately and we have been pretty lucky, until last night apparently.  
The lightening fried out outside unit.  I do not miss the blessing in the fact that the rest of the house didn't catch fire.  I am WAY! thankful for that!

The HVAC guy that came out today at 5pm on Saturday... didn't charge us.  He just said call your home owner's insurance agency and file a claim.  Lightening should be covered.  So will you say a prayer that it is covered, because that's not really an expense we had budgeted for, I am confident that this will be resolved.  

We do have a whole house fan, that is helping some, but it's 85 degrees inside. ;o)  Sticky sleeping.  ;o)

What I really wanted was my tattoo... lol, more on that later, when I really get it.  ;o)

Happy Mothers Day everyone!


Unknown said...

LOVE the TAT idea! My gift is on my BLOG :) HUGS! Happy MOther's Day! Praying we can meet in person one day!

LisaShaw said...

Praying for you this day sweet one and Happy Mother's Day.