Friday, May 29, 2009


I am often asked how the boys get along. My usual aswer is "They are brothers".

People that don't know us well always say "Oh! They are brothers?!". This ususally means they are asking if they are biological, sometimes I correct them, other times I just say yes. Because while they aren't biological, they are very much brothers.

They fight over toys, they wrestle, they nit pick at each other and they drive each other nuts.

They also share, talk to each other incessantly, and look for each other when the other isn't there.

N has really kind of settled into the big brother roll. He's over bearing and condescending. He's also loving and a wonderful little champion of everything E. It's so fun to watch them talk to each other. E is still very much learning the language, but he loves to talk and N just goes right along with him. E will be telling a story, about half of which the rest of us understand, but N will just go right along, sometimes translating what he thinks E said, and sometimes just nodding and agreeing. The other day the 3 of us were sitting on the couch watching Dora when E turned to N to say something, I responded and E says "Talking N, not talking mommy". Cheeky little kid.

N is a great sharer, but E is still working on that. Of course they fight over toys, but N usually shares what is his, E wants everything N has, but isn't as keen on sharing his stuff with N. We try not to give them the exact same things, although they both have alot of the same interests so when we do get the same, we have to be careful to label them with an 'E' or an 'N'.

It's really been pretty cool lately to see how they have bonded and grown.

I read something when we were first getting ready to adopt E that spoke to the fact that while parents work on bonding and attaching, siblings sometimes have a hard time with it. It's certainly been a process, but they are the best of friends and brothers through and through. It will be interesting to see how they cope with N going to Kindergarten and E staying in preschool.

When we first brought E home we were a little concerned that we had really messed things up for N. I think after my recent conversation with him about not being 'sent' back, I can see how his little mind was working. Just in these last couple of weeks I can see him settled more, and calmer, maybe he's getting the idea that both he and E are here to stay. There is no sending back they are both stuck with us. ;o)

We are truly blessed. The cool thing is that just like in birth pains, the adoption pains are fading and D is opening more to our next adoption. (D in Alaska, if you are reading don't freak out mom. It's still far off! We miss you guys by the way) We do still have to get back to ET on our mission trip next year. ;o)


Michelle Riggs said...

Your boys are so handsome. I love the fun pictures of them.

Thank you for spreading the word about HIV/adoption and thanks for praying for Abby.

Our journey following Christ said...

I love God's ways!! Here we are - Mom's of adult kids when along comes God's plan and BAM, we are now the mom's of wonderful pre-schoolers. Round two for us! And more to come...yep, I love God's ways!! Never, ever boring!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing. It is amazing how God not only matches parents to children, but pairs brothers and sisters. He is AMAZING!

LisaShaw said...


Hey did you change the blog again? Love it!