Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good news and Daycare aggrevation...

Good news first :o)

Our city has a program with the school system that assesses children who may be at risk for needing special education in Pre-school. We took E in on Monday to have him tested. He is very smart and has really progressed quite well since he came home but we wanted to make sure that he wasn't going to be held back when he starts Kindergarten. If we can help him succeed we want to. The added benefit is that having him tested gives us more information just in case the local courts want to give us issue with changing his date back to the one we believe is correct. (the ET government put the wrong year on his paperwork...oops)

So the good news is that he's right on track for a 3 yr old. In fact they were very impressed with how well he was doing considering he's only been home for 8 months. He was able to tell them all of the colors, copy a circle and lines, and identify almost all of the objects they asked of him. And the ones he couldn't...he would tell you what the object was for ie: for comb he said hair. He knew what it was for, he just didn't remember the name of the object. Or he knew that leaves come from trees but didn't remember the name for 'leaf'. Alot of that has to do with learning the language which he has done very well. There were a couple of letter sounds we were concerned with, but they said they felt that he would work those out the longer he had here in the country and was exposed to the language. They were also very impressed with the fact that he tied the shoes on the play bear. That's one of the things that really impressed us too when we were home only a few days. His fine motor skills are pretty amazing.

So he's not ready for Kindergarten this year, as we knew, but he should be on track for next year. All this is good stuff!

Daycare ...ugh!
So we have really been annoyed with the daycare the boys go to for a long time, but they enjoy it, seem to be doing ok, and we didn't want to put them through another transition before it was necessary. We were going to have them change center's for the summer program and then just keep E at the new center for the school year and have N attend Kindergarten. The director of the current Daycare informed us yesterday that they are closing the preschool on May 22. Our public school year doesn't end until June 18th so none of the summer programs at other center's begin until June 22nd. We are out Daycare for a month. The really annoying thing about this is that the director has used the school system's calendar to take days off and change our schedule to suit her needs and now she's not following the schedule. She states that it's in the contract we signed... I haven't found it yet to verify, but I guess it's a moot point.

The director has said she would 'work with us', as if she's doing us a favor. But only for certain hours and only on certain days. NOT helpful. If we had some other option the boys would be out today.

Oh, to win the lottery... I don't need millions, just a couple
I am praying that God provides... I know He will. Just need some help for a couple of weeks... some one some where must need some extra money right?

OH! And we have our first missions meeting on Thursday to talk about our trip next year! ;o) I am SO excited. It's World AIDS Orphan day, and I think that what better way to honor it than to get people together, discuss it and figure out how we can make a difference.

Have a Blessed Wednesday!

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LisaShaw said...

I'm so glad E is on track and I'm praying for God's provision for your children with school/funds and your missions trip and every need that you have. Remember---

"My GOD shall suply all of your needs according to His riches in glory which is in Christ Jesus".

Keep us posted on the Missions Meeting/trip.

Love you.