Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Rainy Monday....

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. --Hebrews 13:8, NLT

yuck it rained all weekend, yesterday and today it was windy as well. eeewwwwww
The boys keep asking why it keeps raining and I told them God wants to water his garden. E just says "Why?" ;o) They both really want to go outside. Luckily we had events outside of the home on Saturday and Sunday so they could get out and play with other friends...inside but not cooped in our house.

Saturday night we were at a church function and the boys daycare director called D's cell phone. Can you believe that?! She was all in a tizzy and wanted to read D some letter she said she got from the 'school board'. He told her to just email it to him. We got home and basically it said that they were terminating the boys from the school. She had again twisted our words around so they said we were not being compliant. The boys would not be welcome in the school on Monday but that we could come pick up their belongings.

So yay! No more dealing with them. We called our new "Manny" and he was there this morning at 730am. Thank you God. We were actually an answer to his prayer as well. The boys were very excited to know he was coming and weren't too terribly upset that they would not be going back to the other school. We didn't tell them of all the issues of course, we just told them the school would be doing something different for the summer and they weren't attending.

In fun news my mother in law took her very first plane ride on Saturday! I won't reveal her age, but she's over the age of 50. ;o) She even got little wings from the airline to wear. She flew out to attend our niece's high school graduation. Good grief it's just too impossible that she's graduating!!! Her momma also graduated this year from college. How very cool is that?! We are so proud of you both and love you! Hi mom! Hope you are having a blast, we miss you all!

We had a really cool opportunity to share some HIV education in Sunday school yesterday. Our facilitators weren't able to be in class so we were kind of an informal little group. We were catching up and just talking when someone asked about the boys. Then the questions kind of evolved to the topic of HIV. One of our members even said that she had read this blog and at first was a little concerned about her children initially but did some research and realized she needn't be. Can I tell you how great it is to have this kind of response?! We completely understand initial fears. We had them. We were able to discuss it in class, talk to them about it and they were all outwardly accepting. It's so great to have open dialog and to be able to address fears so that others realize that it's ok to have concerns... but that E isn't going to infect their children. When I was talking to R, our new Manny (lol I love that word), I asked him if he had any concerns. He just asked me what we did in the case of blood, I told him and he was completely fine with it. Thank you to those of you that read this blog and take the initiative to do some research and learn about this illness.

We are also really kind of ramping up the missions team. I am so excited!!! My designated partner is part of the missions committee and he's spoken to them about our trip. They are very excited and all on board. They are meeting this week formally to discuss the particulars and to talk about fundraisers and funding. We are looking at 12 people going at roughly $2500 - 3000 per person when everything is said and done. I fully believe this is achievable! God has already begun to provide, and those travelling are so excited. I can't wait to see what he does!

I will end this really long with a prayer request. I asked for prayers for Kidist a couple of days ago. I got an email from her husband this weekend and she's really taken a turn for the worse. They are such a lovely couple! Please say a prayer for Kidist and Aleyu. Perhaps there is a physician here that would agree to see her and help... they have such an amazing faith in Christ. It's so hard to be here and not be able to help. God can provide!

Have a blessed Monday!!!


Amanda said...

i love you guys! and i miss you all too. i hope someday that we can come back and lil G can meet all 4 of his cousins!

Tiffany said...

I can't believe she actually called you on a Sat night! All that aside...PTL for blessing you with your new manny. How fun for the boys and what a perfect answer to prayer for you.