Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weird week

The weekend was so awesome... i think because God knew what this week was going to be like.

I do have to say though that each day I have prayed for a good day... I realized quickly that I should have prayed for the grace to get me through the days.

We have had some pretty crazy set backs.  But they have all been able to be resolved pretty quickly, and God has shown us favor in getting crucial paperwork.    Those forms we needed for USCIS were relatively easy to get.  And honestly the office has really been working quickly to get this done. We started the process on April 2 and they have already asked for the paperwork they needed and gotten our fingerprints done.  So I guess kudos to them. They do have to be thorough in their jobs right?

We have also been working on the re-adopt for N and found out today that both the lawyer's office AND our first HS agency completely dropped the ball and didn't get the proper paperwork in to the courts.  Until I called and asked about it.  ARGH!!!  This is partially why we aren't using that agency again.  I loved the people as people, but not so good at their jobs.  The bummer about the lawyer is that he's in practice by himself, so who do you complain to?  Oh well, just won't use him again either, nor would we recommend his office.

On a much brighter note, N has been having such great days at daycare.  Daddy has him call me on the way home to tell me about the sticker he has gotten for the day.  And today he even told daddy that he wants to have an earring just like daddy.  He only wants one though because girls wear 2.  I really wish you could see his face as he says these things.  He's SO animated.
He's SO great.  He saw me coming down the road tonight after work and he began jumping up and down and waving his hands in greeting.  Is that the best hello ever??!!

i am blessed... if not a bit annoyed with people that don't do what they promise to do... but God is good and He is in control... not me!!

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