Saturday, May 3, 2008

On a happier note...

This morning, N and Z were watching cartoons.   N began talking about his "friends".  N likes to talk about the friends he has the places they go and the things they do... all of which are fictional, but they are a pretty active and close nit group. ;o)

Anyway... I say to N "You have alot of friends"  N says "Yep!  Just like Z"  Z says "Yeah because I am special" N says "Yep! and I am cute!"

My boys do not lack in self confidence!  I better make sure they don't let pride cometh before the fall. ;o)

Tomorrow we get to go to Busch Gardens'!  We are SO excited , partly because we love to ride roller coasters and partly because our favorite band is playing!  Third Day

Good stuff!

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