Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prayer's answered

We have heard this week that Little E has pretty much done a 180.  He is so much better, eating well, sleeping, and talking.  Everyone is so excited at how well he is doing.  No one is more excited than we are though!
We are so ready to go get him.  D came home last night and was like "I am ready to being him home, now!"  We both have these moments when we feel his absence.
I think Little E's illness has actually made us realize how he is truly meant for our family.  The thought of losing him, just drove home our commitment to him.

We cannot wait to get word that he has received his welcome package... the one that announces us as his family.  I can't wait to see his face when he opens it, and realizes that he has a new family to love him and care for him forever!

Praise God for answering prayer and bringing our boy back from the brink.  With life being so fragile we are so very grateful to our Lord for providing his gift!


Leslie said...

I'm so thankful to God that he is doing better. Praying that he continues to get better

Mugsey said...

Another example of God and His greatness. Proof miracles still happen today. My prayers continue for you and Little E.